Adina Gordon

Adina Gordon

dance caller for contras, squares, and English country dances

Being told what to do has never been so much fun!

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"I got to the artful and inspired calling of Adina Gordon. It was truly a memorable night."
   -- Atlanta dancer
Adina calls dances throughout the country, delighting dancers with her energy and enthusiasm. Experienced and new dancers alike enjoy her clear teaching and choice of engaging dances.

"I find Adina to be a wonderful teacher, very concise in her walk-throughs, and a charismatic figure on stage."
   -- Randy Miller, Celticladda
Adina calls scheduled dances, parties, weddings, festivals, barn dances, and family dances. She enjoys traveling to call, and would be happy to come call at your dance.

"Just a note of THANKS for a great job calling last Saturday....The feedback I got was GREAT! Folks enjoyed you very much. I hope to see you on the dance gypsy circuit some day again!"
   -- Durango, CO organizer